Meet The Family

Austin Glass

The founder of Beautifully Tarnished. After the loss of his beloved mother to an overdose in June 2016, succulents became his therapy. The light that gardening brought into his life made him realize he could bring that same light into other people's whom may be struggling with the same loss or an illness themselves. Austin is a husband, son, brother and soon to be father himself. He loves adventure and a little bit of an adrenaline rush. Austin is truly a goofy, old soul. He has a heart of gold and wants to make sure his message of love and light is heard far and wide. Beautifully Tarnished truly would not exist without this man's brain and drive to help others in need of it.

Samantha Glass

The magician behind the scenes. Samantha is the Wife of Austin and also the brains behind the operation. She devotes some of her extra time to helping with creative, organizing events, handwriting cards to customers, and so much more. Sam is a full time nanny for two amazing kids and has a baby of her own due in November 2017. Some people don't know this but she was even a three time world champ in Tae Kwon Doe, and holds a third degree black belt. She is also Austin's part time body guard. 

Bill Glass

Simple to say without this man, Beautifully Tarnished wouldn't exist. He is the Father to Austin, welder, brainstormer, financial advisor, and knows everything there is to know about creating planters out of metal. Bill is a long time planting enthusiast and had a large part in Austin getting so involved with succulents.



Jordyn Moscosso

The art this woman's hands create is pretty spectacular. We are pretty confident she can read minds as well because we try and describe an idea, and she nails it first try. Jordyn is the artist behind our logo and shirt designs, which were both drawn by hand. She is Beautifully Tarnished's savior since we are not that great with computers.