Raw Cor-Ten Metal Planter

Our Raw Cor-Ten Metal planters are how our Tarnished Planters start their journey. Being raw means you are able to enjoy watching the weathering process for many years to come. We hand make these planters in Long Beach, California as a Father and Son duo. The weathering steel will build a rust like coating as it ages outdoors. This rusty coating protects our planters from further oxidizing, very similar to how paint protects metal. The rust may be a little messy but it is worth it as the patina takes on different characteristics over time. We always recommends putting your raw planter on top of something that can catch the rust as some of it falls. Each planter has a drain hole in the bottom for outdoor use. Should you decide to add one of our metal planters to your home, or office, simply plug the drainage hole or place a small dish under the planter. The base is recessed an inch so you can fit a small dish to catch any water.