Our First Workshop

Our First Planter Box Workshop was a success. As with anything new, it was an opportunity to learn and that is exactly what we did. The days leading up to the event were a little hectic, but that is part of the process to figuring out how to streamline our workshops. We couldn't have been happier with how the day went and for everyone's support that attended.

Day of was fun, we built a few extra boxes, made sure all our plants were in order, loaded the car, and we were on our way to Champions South Salon for the event. I arrived early to the salon to set up our pop up shop, which looked great when it was all done. It was nice seeing all of our hard work put up in one place for our guests to see, especially because it was our first pop up. Once the tables and chairs arrived I set everything up with the help of my Dad, Wife, and Friends that were all early. 

Once everything was all set up our workshoppers started to trickle in so they could enjoy some wine and snacks. It was great getting to talk to everyone for a bit before getting started and seeing everyone's reactions to our little set up. Succulents Air Plants Cactus and Planters For Sale at Beautifully Tarnished Workshop

Once we were able to get everyone to take a seat, we got to the good part, creating arrangements. I gave everyone a brief overview of what they had in front of them and how to go about making a beautiful, long lasting, succulent arrangement and then they were off to the races.Teaching Succulent Planter Box Arrangement Workshop In Orange County

It is really interesting to watch how people's minds work with their arrangements. Everyone had pretty much the exact same materials to work with but not a single arrangement came out the same. 

 Man with succulent arrangement at succulent workshop in orange county Woman Holding succulent arrangement at orange county plater box workshop

Our workshopper on the left made his planter box for his boyfriend. The woman on the right created her arrangement to put her husband's ashes in to grow into new life. My Dad and I helped fine tune everyone's arrangements, answer questions, and top dress when they were finished. Everyone wrapped up and headed back down to enjoy some wine and conversation. The night ended with a lot of hugs and some numbers exchanged with new friends made. 

We would love to have you at our next one, or book your own personal home workshop. We post our events on our Facebook page, Instagram, and remind everyone through our newsletter. You can sign up for our newsletter toward the bottom of our homepage. 


-Austin Glass

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