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We have found a startling truth through the process of starting Beautifully Tarnished. There are more people than we can imagine holding in mental turmoil and suicidal thoughts because they don't feel they have anyone that will truly listen. Some of the most difficult conversations to have are about your own mental health, and possible suicidal thoughts, which needs to change. Our goal is to help lift the stigma from talking about mental health issues and suicide by building a strong community of supportive people.

Being so passionate about the cause makes me constantly think of ways to reach more people and try to save lives in the process. After weeks of brainstorming we decided to start a guest blog series called "Beautifully Tarnished Lives". We are in process of building an online platform dedicated to allowing people to speak their truths anonymously, or as themselves. We want to give people the opportunity to speak about what they are going through, have gone through, or experienced second hand so they can get the weight off their shoulders. We strongly believe these stories will not only give the writer some relief but it will also show others that they are not alone with their thoughts. From personal experience it has been comforting knowing that I am not alone and that others have dealt with the same thing and are willing to lend an ear. Keep an eye out for our initial launch of these stories and make sure to share with anyone you feel it could help.

-Austin G.

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  • Patty ELlis

    Austin , You are one fabulous human being. I am beyond proud and grateful to see how blessed you are by BEING A blessing TO others . Bringing awareness, help, and a safe open forum for others to know that they are not alone as well as opening up people’s eyes, ears ,hearts , and touching souls . You offer information , hope, and such beautiful handmade reminders wether it’s your sweet succulents or t shirts that both open up conversations with others about suicide awareness and making a statement about choosing life and being ok with being beautifully tarnished .Please know your making a huge impact in the lives of others as well as yourself I’m sure . You have started something that is going to go viral and change lives forever with such beautiful reminders that truly go along with their journey . Your mama is so very proud of you from above . Know that what your doing also honors her memory and legacy . We all struggle , but when it gets that bad it’s so great to know someone cares and can relate and validate . You are building a lifetime of relationships and bonds with those people you have already touched and will touch , and they they will build relationships with others as well. All I want to say to end my comment is a bible verse " Well done my good and faithful servant " YOU ARE A OPENING HEARTS, MINDS , SOUls AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE IN SPREADING AWARENESS AND PREVENTUON WITH SOMETHING SO NEAR AND DEAR TO YOUR HEART !! I have a grateful heart for you . You are BLESSED TO BE A blessing !! Keep up the great work , I am in awe of your journey !!

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