Succulent Propagation By Beheading

Succulents can sometimes become tall and "leggy" when they aren't getting enough sunlight, or the legginess could be from age. Not to worry, we can take advantage of your leggy plant and learn how to propagate some new succulents.
Leggy Echeveria Succulent Needing Propagation
If your succy is like this one you will want to remove the leaves starting from the bottom until you get to the base of where you want the final rosette to start. In order to remove the leaves all you have to do is gently rock them back and forth until you hear the pop. {we will cover leaf propagation in another post}
Pulling Leaves From Succulent For Propogation
One thing to note in this process is to try NOT to touch the top rosette and remove the white powdery farina, like I did. The powdery substance is the plants evolutionary defense against harsh sun and can help to keep certain bugs off.
Your succulent is bare naked at this point, so now what? You will need to get a sharp, and clean, cutting tool to cut about and inch below the rosette so you have some stem to work with later. The clean cutting tool recommendation is because you could potentialy spread diseases between plants if you have cut one previously with issues.
Beheading Succulent Rosette For Propogation
You can see there was some farina taken off by my clumsy fingers, which is what you want to avoid. Now you have your beheaded rosette detached and looking pretty. Set your rosette out in indirect sunlight for 3-4 days, or until the stem has calloused.
Newly Beheaded Echeveria Succulent
Once calloused you can go ahead and plant your rosette in fast draining soil. One of the very best parts of this whole process is what happens to the stem you left naked and alone. Most of the little spots you detached leaves from will actually sprout an entirely new pup! All the other succulents you see in the photos above came from a single stem that I did this exact method of propagation with.
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