How To Propagate Succulent Leaves

You may be wondering how people are making those little arrangements out of tiny succulents "pups". I'll explain my simple way of taking leaves from your current succulents, or a friends garden, and growing some new little succulents.

The first thing you will need is a donor succulent that can spare a few leaves. I like to take a couple leaves from succulents that have gotten leggy, are getting planted for the first time, or are getting larger and wont mind a few leaves taken. For example sake I will be continuing with the succulent I used in the Beheading Blog we wrote last week. 

How to propagate a tall succulent

Once you find your succulent(s) you would like to propagate, the fun begins. There are options such as removing a couple leaves and leave the plant as is, or you can strip most of the leaves up to the main rosette and behead the plant.

How to pull the leaves off a succulent

Start removing leaves by grabbing the tip or edges and gently rocking it back and forth until it "pops" off of the stem. You want to make sure you hear or feel that pop since that usually indicates you detached the entire leaf properly.

How to pull the leaves off succulent for propagation

This plat is getting all of its leaves removed under the main rosette so I can propagate that part as well and hopefully grow some new succulents out of the stem.

How to grow new succulents

Once you have removed all the leaves you will want to put your leaves out of harsh sunlight for a few days so the raw end can callous over.

 Handful of succulent leaves for propagation

Now that you have waited for the leaves to callous they are ready to place into their propagation spot you've designated.

succulent leaf propagation tray

I keep it simple and put my leaves on top of #8 Pumice, from General Pumice Products, since it drains quickly and has the nutrients needed for healthy succulents. When placing your leaves try to lay them so the calloused end touches the pumice and is not in mid air. Keeping the end near the pumice makes it take root a little easier in my experience. Now K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) and mist your leaves once a week while keeping them in indirect sunlight.

Succulent Leaf Propagation Pups

You will either see new plats emerge out of your leaves, just roots, or both at the same time. 

Succulent Propagation Roots

If you see just roots like this I have found it can be helpful to plant them into the pumice or soil and let the roots absorb more nutrients while trying to grow. 

Succulent Bear Paw Pup

This is a little anomaly I found where a leave ripped in half so I threw it in the propagation tray and a month later I have a little fuzzy babe growing. 

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