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Goodbye Dad, I Love You

It took 20 years for some sort of closure. 20 LONG years of questions and guilt and anger and sorrow and most of all emptiness. 20 years of reliving our last conversation. The one where you drunkenly said I was a horrible person and my response was F*** You then!  I desperately hoped every year that went by would get easier, hoping that the pain would eventually subside to a dull ache. That has never really happened, it NEVER goes away. There is so much you have missed, so many conversations you're not here for, so many milestones we can't share, so many people that are connected to me that you don't know, but should. I have evolved to become...

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Letter To A Dear Friend

Dear Jordan, Your birthday is coming up, and I can’t believe this is your fourth year gone. You’re missed every day by so many people. They say legends never die, and I wish it were literally true, instead of just figuratively. I selfishly wish you were still here, making everyone laugh, dreaming out loud, and plotting to take over the business world with your big, wild ideas. I wish I could call you just to say hi, hear your voice, tag you in dumb stuff, tell you funny stories, and have you laugh at all my misadventures just to cheer me up immediately after. I can still hear your voice so clearly, calling me by my last name and saying...

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